Consumers for Health Care Choices (CHCC) at The Heartland Institute is a national effort devoted to empowering health care consumers to preserve individual freedom and the quality of care in America's health care system. CHCC brings doctors, insurers, privacy advocates, health care entrepreneurs, and consumers together in a single organization that communicates effectively to policymakers, civic and business leaders, oinion leaders, and the general public.




Nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition. The institute explores phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models, while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor. Click here to visit IONS' website.




ACEP is an international nonprofit organization of licensed mental health professionals and allied energy health practitioners who are dedicated to developing and applying energy psychology methods for the treatment and relief of those suffering from emotional challenges such as addictions & compulsions, anxiety, depression, limiting beliefs, personality disorders, phobias, stress, and trauma. Energy psychology interventions address the human vibrational matrix of three major interacting systems including:• Energy pathways – meridians & related acupoints• Energy centers – chakras• Energy systems – the human biofield that envelops the body.


ACEP seeks to establish the credibility and effectiveness of energy psychology through its programs of certification, education, ethics, humanitarian aid, and research. Visit ACEP'swebsite.



Founded in 1990, Bioneers is a nonprofit organization that promotes practical environmental solutions and innovative social strategies for restoring the Earth and communities. "It's All Alive, It's All Intelligent, It's All Connected."


Bioneers offers pragmatic solutions that honor the living web of the natural world as the most fertile source of inspiration and models. It's all alive. Click here to visit BIONEER's website.




The American Holistic Health Association is dedicated to promoting holistic principles: honoring the whole person (mind, body and spirit) and encouraging people to actively participate in their own health and healthcare. Click here to visit AHHA's website.





To help create a healthy world by promoting holistic/integrative principles and practice in healthcare.

Founded in 1978, the AHMA remains true to its original mission, serving as the leading advocate for the use of holistic and integrative medicine by all licensed healthcare providers. We embrace integrative, complementary and alternative medicine techniques; we hold onto what is helpful in allopathic medicine, and we understand that healing includes your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit.

The AHMA is committed to increasing awareness and understanding of the natural healing tenets of holistic medicine and to link together those who wish to utilize and promote a holistic approach to conventional and integrative medicine. Rather than a "quick fix", we teach the value of prevention and wellness, best accomplished through correcting core imbalances and addressing contributing factors.


The mission of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases is to support research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases; the training of basic and clinical scientists to carry out this research; and the dissemination of information on research progress in these diseases.



The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982. The oldest and largest consumer organization advocating the institution of vaccine safety and informed consent protections in the mass vaccination system, NVIC is responsible for launching the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in America in the early 1980's. Visit NVIC's website.




The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association is dedicated to the eradication of autoimmune diseases and the alleviation of suffering and the socioeconomic impact of autoimmunity through fostering and facilitating collaboration in the areas of education, public awareness, research, and patient services in an effective, ethical and efficient manner. Visit the  Autoimmune website.  



Metametix Laboratories has developed a specialized website, Everyday Exposures, to educate the public on how to recognize potential health hazards in the home. They list the associated tests they offer to measure the toxicity levels.  Call to find out how you can benefit from these tests, available at Full Spectrum Energy Medicine. 




CTD advances understanding of the effects of environmental chemicals on human health.

The etiology of most chronic diseases involves interactions between environmental factors and genes that modulate important physiological processes. This assumption is supported by the many complex diseases caused by reversible behaviors or avoidable exposures, and by the relatively rare number of diseases attributed to single gene mutations. Environmental factors are implicated in many common conditions such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, immune deficiency disorders and Parkinson’s disease; however, the molecular mechanisms underlying these correlations are not well understood.


CTD includes manually curated data describing cross-species chemical–gene/protein interactions and chemical– and gene–disease relationships to illuminate molecular mechanisms underlying variable susceptibility and environmentally influenced diseases. These data will also provide insights into complex chemical–gene and protein interaction networks.



Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs) have been developed in 10 US regions to provide education and consultation for health professionals, public health professionals, and others about children's environmental health.


You can find valuable links to agencies dedicated to monitoring environmental toxins.



If you or your loved ones suffer with allergies, this site offers a simple way to check the pollen counts in your area.



SELFGROWTH is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web. Click here to visit Self Growth