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Hypertension for temporary relief of symptoms due to high?blood pressure such as: headache, dizziness.

Hypertension 30 ml (1 fl. oz.) 34718

Hypertension Active ingredients & Purposes:

Arnica montana 12X_____Circulatory Support

Aurum metallicum 12X_____Pain Reliever

Coenzyme Q 3X_____Antioxidant

Diencephalon 6X_____Mental Alertness

Fumaricum acidum 3X_____Antioxidant

Glandula suprarenalis 200X_____Support Detoxification

Kidney 6X_____Detoxification

Melatonin 4C_____Hormonal Regulation

Melilotus officinalis 6X_____Circulatory Support

Natrum pyruvicum 3X_____Antioxidant

Olea europea, Bark 3X_____Lymphatic Detoxification

Plumbum metallicum 12X_____Metabolic Support

Rauwolfia serpentina 6X_____Blood Vessel Support

Spigelia anthelmia 6X_____Pain Reliever Aid

Viscum Album 3X_____Antioxidant

Directions: 20 drops twice a day for two months at least.

30 ml/1.0 fl. Oz. bottle

Most common combinations:

Guna-Hypertension+Guna-Geriatrics: arterial hypertension in the elderly.
Guna-Hypertension+Guna-Diur: standard PRM treatment of arterial hypertension.
Guna-Hypertension+Guna-Geriatrics+Guna-Liver: preventive complementary treatment for TIA (Transient
Ischemic Attacks) recurrences.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

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