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Natural Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherols



  • Provides Protection Against Free Radical Damage
  • Maintains Normal Inflammatory Balance
  • Promotes Cardiovascular and Nervous System Health

Natural Vitamin E and Mixed Tocopherols  60 caps (131060) and 120 caps (131120)


Natural Vitamin E and Mixed Tocopherols: Naturally occurring vitamin E refers to a family of fat-soluble molecules which include tocopherols. There are four different forms of vitamin E tocopherols: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. Each provide powerful biological antioxidant activity.

The Natural Vitamin E formula provides full-spectrum, fat-soluble vitamin E to reduce the effects of free radical activity throughout the body. THis formula  includes all four forms of tocopherols to maximize antioxidant protection and support for cardiovascular health.

Suggested Use:

1 soft gel capsule per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

Antioxidant Support†
In a study of oxidative stress on human blood cells, mixed tocopherols had a stronger protective effect on lipid peroxidation than alpha-tocopherol alone, due to gamma and delta tocopherols ability to trap and neutralize other free radicals in the cell.

Immune Support and Inflammatory Balance †
Research has demonstrated that supplementation with vitamin E promotes a healthy immune response. In a study examining vitamin E supplementation in an elderly population, 60 to 800 mg of vitamin E improved several aspects of cell-mediated immunity within six to 12 months.6  In another study, ingestion of 400 IU of vitamin E for eight months supported immune function by improving macrophage-mediated response.7  A tocopherol mixture rich in gamma tocopherol
has been shown to maintain normal inflammatory balance by reducing oxidative damage, trapping of unique free radicals called reactive nitrogen species, and inhibition of abnormal arachidonic acid metabolism.8 In animal studies delta tocopherol was more active compared to alpha or gamma tocopherols in  supporting cellular integrity, possibly through trapping reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that cause cellular damage.9

Cardiovascular Health †
The oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and other lipoproteins can be a major detriment to cardiovascular health. Research has also shown that vitamin E is incorporated into LDLs.10,11 By supporting antioxidant activity within LDLs, vitamin E helps maintain cholesterol integrity, normal white blood cell activity, and normal inflammatory balance, which is crucial for cardiovascular health.11,12 A double-blinded study found subjects receiving gamma-tocopherol experienced significant cardiovascular support by maintaining healthy LDL cholesterol levels and normal platelet aggregation.12


Read more about this nutrient at Linus Pauling Institute.

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