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Lavela WS 1265


Lavela WS 1265? 70662 Lavela WS 1265?

Lavela WS 1265 60 softgels  70662

Lavela WS 1265, also known as Silexan™, is a clinically studied, non-habit-forming oral lavender essential oil (Lavendula angustifolia) that has been shown to promote relaxation, foster sleep quality in those experiencing occasional anxiety, calm nervousness, and support general mental health.* Clinical trials published in peer reviewed medical journals demonstrate Lavela 1265 as a well-tolerated option for occasional anxiety.*1,2



While lavender’s chemical composition includes terpenes, alcohols, ketones, polyphenols, and flavonoids, its monoterpenes linalyl acetate and linalool are the most likely primary components responsible for its beneficial activity.3 Both linalool and lavender essential oil have demonstrated in vitro a dose-dependent ability to interact with the glutamate NMDA-receptor and an ability to bind to the serotonin transporter (SERT).4 The lipophilic properties of lavender essential oil enable it to cross cell membranes and impact signaling channels in neurons isolated from animal models.5


Lavela WS 1265 (Silexan) is one of the few oral lavender essential oils with demonstrated efficacy and safety in published, controlled clinical trials. Use of the studied material has been proven to provide a statistically significant reduction of nervousness compared to placebo by four weeks.*1,6 Lavela WS 1265 supports sleep when disrupted by occasional anxiety and helps relieve occasional anxiety without sedation, withdrawal, or unwanted sedative effects.*


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    Serving Size: 1 softgel
    English Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Oil (Silexan brand)
    80 mg

    ** Daily Value (DV) not established

    †Percent daily value is based on a 2000 calorie diet

    Other Ingredients

    canola oil, gelatin (capsule), glycerin, sorbitol, annato extract color

    Lavela WS 1265™ Does Not Contain

    • Sugar
    • Salt
    • Yeast – Derived Ingredient
    • Gluten
    • Corn
    • Dairy Products
    • Artificial Flavors
    • Wheat
    • Preservatives

    Other Details

    UPC: 00871791706620


    Lavela WS 1265™ Directions and/or Dosage

    Take 1 softgel once or twice daily with a full glass of water, or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


    Not to be used during pregnancy, nursing or by persons under 12 years of age. If you are taking prescription drugs, consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

    Lavender eructation has been reported in a small number of users and is a normal effect of the product.


    • A. Eructation (burping up) is a common experience with Lavela WS 1265. This experience does not lower the efficacy of the product nor does it cause additional problems. Taking Lavela WS 1265 with food may help to reduce the eructation.

    • A. Lavela can be taken with or without food. We recommend drinking a full glass of water with your dose.

    • A. Every person is different, but in the clinical trials, participants experienced changes within the first several weeks.

    • A. Lavender essential oil is obtained from the steam distillation processing of the flowering tops of L.angustifolia. The main active constituents of lavender oil are linalool, linalyl acetate, terpinen-4-ol, and camphor. The quantity of these constituents can vary in different oils. If inferior harvesting techniques or sub-par plant material is used, one can still make an essential oil and it will still smell like lavender, but the balance of constituents will be different. Lavela WS 1265 is very well characterized in terms of the content of its various constituents, unique in composition, and the only lavender essential oil with demonstrated efficacy and safety in published, controlled clinical trials. References: Cavanagh HMA, Wilkinson JM. Biological activities of lavender essential oil. Phytother Res 2002;16:301-8. European Pharmacopeia, 6th edition, 2008.


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