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Nestmann Pharma Remedies

Female Health
Adrenal support (fatigue, exhaustion, stress) Adrenum
Anxiety, stress Adrenum | Avena Sativa
Calming, nervous conditions Avena Sativa
Cystitis, urinary tract infection Solidago
Depression Avena Sativa Female Tonic
Exhaustion, physical and mental Adrenum Female Tonic
Female hormonal regulation and balance Female Tonic
Menstrual symptoms, PMS Female Tonic
Menopausal symptoms Female Tonic
Gastrointestinal and Digestion
Acid reflux, heartburn, low HCl Absinthium | Cardunara
Constipation Carduus
High cholesterol, cholagogue & choleretic Avena Sativa | Cardunara
Gas, bloating, belching, flatulence, fullness Absinthium | Cardunara
Indigestion, dyspepsia, Roemheld’s Syndrome A-Hepatica | Absinthium | Cardunara
Liver and gallbladder detox and drainage A-Hepatica | Carduus
Hepatic portal vein congestion Aesculus | Carduus
Gallstones Carduus
Adrenal support (exhaustion, fatigue, stress) Adrenum
Pancreas Support – Diabetes (Type I and II) Rubus
Thyroid Conditions (hyper and hypo) Lycopus
Pancreatic dysfunction and insufficiency, enzymes Rubus
Prostate conditions, BPH, impotence Sabal Serrulatum | Solidago
Heart and Circulation
Hemorrhoids, varicose veins, venous congestion Aesculus | Carduus
Hypertension Avena Sativa
Lymphatic congestion and drainage Lappa | Lymf-A-Drop
Peripheral vascular circulation Aesculus
Cold extremities, numbness, tingling Aesculus
Heavy Metal Detox
Heavy metal detoxification Biorella | Cilantrex
Immune System, Cold and Flu
Allergies, hay fever, urticaria Allernest | Hydrastis Nasal Spray | Luffa tabs
Bronchitis Broncha
Cold and flu symptoms, viral infection Bio Boost
Cough Allernest | Avena Sativa | Broncha
Immune booster, immunostimulation Bio Boost | Lymf-A-Drop
Lymphatic glands, inflammation Lymf-A-Drop
Sinusitis, sinobronchitis Hydrastis Nasal Spray | Luffa tabs
Tonsillitis Lymf-A-Drop
Arthritis, rheumatism, joints Polygonum
Gout Polygonum | Solidago
Kidney and Urogenital
Chronic kidney disorders Bucco
Cystitis, bladder conditions Sabal Serrulatum | Solidago
Diuretic Bucco
Kidney drainage Solidago
Kidney stones Bucco
Urine retention Bucco | Sabal Serrulatum
Urinary tract infection (UTI) Solidago
Lymphatic System
Blood purifier and lymph stimulator Lappa | Lymf-A-Drop
Lymphatic congestion, drainage, edema (systemic) Lymf-A-Drop
Lymphatic and immune support Bio Boost | Lymf-A-Drop
Nervous System
Anxiety Avena Sativa
CNS, calming, nervous conditions, restlessness Avena Sativa
Insomnia, sedative Avena Sativa
Stress Adrenum | Avena Sativa
Respiratory System
Allergies, hay fever Allernest | Hydrastis Nasal Spray | Luffa tabs
Anti-spasmolytic Broncha
Asthma Avena Sativa | Broncha
Bronchial and lung conditions (acute & chronic) Broncha
Sinusitis, rhinitis, sinobronchitis Hydrastis Nasal Spray | Luffa tabs
Respiratory tract infection Bio Boost | Broncha

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