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The real voyage of discovery consists not in the seeking of new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

–Marcel Proust

 Can Energy Medicine help you?

Let’s explore what it is, how and why it works, and then you can decide if energy therapy might help you and your family. That is the purpose of this web site – to introduce you to an alternative concept of health care, to inform you about new developments, and to explain the principles which address the root causes of your discomfort and stress. The goal is to find the most efficient, effective and complete solution to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health concerns.

Energy Medicine can be categorized as Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Energy Medicine is holistic medicine — an approach that encompasses body-mind-spirit and that believes “It is not as important to know the disease a person has as it is to know the person who has the disease.” Let’s discuss Energy Medicine in detail. We offer a unique service, using energy as well as physical assessment tools to begin to discover the root cause of someone’s discomfort or dis-ease. We recognize that every individual is unique. Two people present with identical symptoms, yet the reasons for their pain are quite different.

What is the difference?

In our current mainstream health care system, when someone undergoes normal diagnostic testing and the results come back negative or inconclusive, it is because the technology used is measuring only the most dense layers of the human energy field; namely, the physical body. You might be told that there is no disease; your pain is only ”in your head.” These analytical devices called MRI, X-ray, CAT scan and ultrasound, to name a few, utilize energy to visualize and indicate disease when contrasted to normal, healthy tissue. This is a quantitative measurement useful once the disease process is firmly rooted in the physical body.

What does it mean, then, when test results are negative, yet a person continues to experience pain?

Pain is always a message from our body or emotions to alert us that our self-awareness has dulled, or that we lack clarity about some aspect of our life. For instance, it often happens that an individual is engaged in a relationship that has run its course, yet remains with the partner or spouse, he or she might develop an illness. The circumstances which arise from the health challenge exert new demands on the couple — demands which can forge the partnership anew, or destroy the union. Severe relationship issues might manifest as back pain (feeling unsupported in life) and/or connective tissue disorders.

Subtle Energy Medicine uses High Sense Perception which bases its assessment first on a qualitative analysis of your unique energy patterns. Since this specialized branch of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) holds that all disease begins in the subtle energy body and then filters into the physical one, we look first for the energetic disturbance — a potential precursor to disease. With regular monitoring, it is possible to avert impending illness, and often reverse a degenerative process. A skilled practitioner can detect painful areas without you telling them where you hurt or describing your discomfort.

In addition to subjective assessment, other time-honored testing methods like dowsing with a pendulum and/or applied kinesiology (AK) can also provide accurate indicators of abnormal energetic pathways. Advanced technology also offers specialized software programs to detect specific locations of blockages and can quantify disruptions in specific layers of your energy field, your organ systems, and your biochemistry.

High Sense Perception can reveal specific blockages in energy circulation.

Sometimes, physical, emotional or mental trauma injures or disrupts the flow of energy. Negative thinking and repressed emotions reverse the spin of our chakras; the physical end result is that negativity and worry can exacerbate discomfort. When energy stagnation persists, it becomes the breeding ground for chronic pain and disease.

For example, how do you process your feelings? Do you rationalize a hurtful remark by a family member or friend, and then wonder why you have digestive problems? Feelings are processed in an energy center visible with clairvoyant sight and located near the navel. There is a profound connection between thoughts and emotions and their effect on physical well-being. This is the very basis of what is known as “psychosomatic” illness. Pain and its causes can be quite different for two individuals with similar symptoms. Researchers are now finding that mental and emotional factors influence almost all disease.

By accurately assessing your energy patterns and re-establishing proper function, you can clear the thoughts or emotions responsible for disrupting harmony between your body, mind and spirit. Once repair is complete and correct energy flow is restored, you can again enjoy better health and vitality. A well-balanced individual is generally content, handles stress well, and enjoys happiness.

The true art of healing lies in discovering the specific meaning of physical discomfort and pain, disease, and feelings of emotional, mental or spiritual uneasiness.

What does Full Spectrum mean?

Human beings are complex. Think of yourself as an intricate system of energy layers that extends beyond your physical form; you will recognize the term “aura” to describe the container that envelopes the subtle energy body. These layers vibrate and mirror the pulsations which occur in bone, in organs, and in cells.

Every cell of your body contains light. When light is able to communicate freely through cells, they function as they are designed to do. Various forms of light, or phototherapy, can greatly assist normal metabolic function and even accelerate the healing process, especially for skin conditions. The speed of light really does break the barrier of time!

You can maintain a healthy body and good mental attitude when you are in resonance. Some call it “bio-resonance.” “Full Spectrum Energy Medicine” incorporates light and sound waves and numerous vibrational remedies to harmonize the physical and metaphysical levels.

We look at all aspects — the significant events and milestones in your life — your attitudes, your beliefs, your lifestyle. Specialized techniques and healing modalities focus on restoring healthy harmonics, and thus optimal overall wellbeing.

It’s a matter of perspective — A broader view expands the possibilities for healing.

No problem can be solved from the same level as consciousness that created it.


Just as electron microscopy enables scientists to examine tiny cells invisible to the naked eye to expand their understanding of the inner workings of life forms, the other end of the spectrum, a cosmic or “higher” view, is needed to reveal valuable life lessons disease teaches us. By accurately assessing your human energy field, you can take the therapeutic steps to rebalance your body, mind and spirit. Once proper energy flow is restored, you again can enjoy better health and vitality. That’s what Energy Medicine is all about!

Mind over matter

Have you ever wondered why some people who do not take very good care of themselves seem to “have it all together”; they never seem to get sick; yet, others who follow a good diet and exercise regularly might often fall prey to every flu or bug that goes around? When our resistance is down due to stress or anxiety, our vibration or rate at which the cells of our body vibrate slows down. This is the time that we are more prone to “catch” a cold or the flu. Sickness forces us to take a break from the “rat race,” to quiet our minds and calm our spirits. When we are sick and temporarily lose our appetite, Nature helps us to detoxify — at least our digestive system, thereby raising our body’s vibratory rate to restore health.

So, what if our immune system were a physical link to another aspect of our self — say to our “spiritual” self? In a survey of people who had experienced spontaneous remission from cancer, the common denominator shared was that every one of them said they “decided” they were going to live. We could ask for no greater example of mind’s influence on the body, or “mind over matter.”

There are many renowned scientists studying the connection between our thoughts and their effects on the cells and organ systems of our bodies. A number of meridian-based therapies ranging from Chinese acupuncture to tapping techniques using no instruments whatsoever other than your own hands are proving highly effective in reversing long-standing mental, emotional and physical distress. Our understanding of the human body as being both electromagnetic and biochemical as well as physical broadens our outlook, and greatly expands the potential for promising new modalities for healing and rejuvenation.

Read more about a number of these energy therapy modalities on other pages of this website.

Keep reading to find out how Energy Medicine works and why this “New Medicine” truly is the Medicine of the Future.

We invite you to explore this exciting frontier of healing.

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