Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine has its roots in natural medicine.

Many prescription medications are made from herbs that have been used by many cultures around the world for centuries.

Functional Medicine combines volumes of herbal wisdom with the most updated forms of testing. Testing by specialty laboratories can reveal such nutrient deficiencies and excesses, nutrient absorption, hormone disruptors, aberrant detoxification pathways, allergic substances and hidden food sensitivities.

Blood, urine and saliva can provide valuable information about a person’s metabolism. Biochemical individuality forms the cornerstone of Functional Medicine.  Specialized laboratories examine, for example, nutrient absorption, detoxification pathways, genomic SNPs.

Depending upon findings, you can discover if genetics, lifestyle, and targeted nutrition might benefit your overall health. If you are addressing specific issues or want improved well being in general,  a few tests could make a difference for you. Cardio-metabolic nutrition  such as CoQnol 200 offers promise to improve cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.

Physical characteristics, however,  are not the only factors in wellbeing. Emotional health, a person’s mindset and attitudes play a critical role in their personal satisfaction and happiness. Ultimately, optimism translates as a “medicine” of sorts. Conversely, a pessimistic outlook can keep one in a depressed state and adversely physical health.

Functional Medicine offers a holistic perspective: by examining family medical history,  personal traumas and emotional wounds from childhood, marriages and divorces or any significant relationship issues, a Functional Medicine practitioner can shed light on how seemingly unrelated events might contribute to imbalance. The goal is to restore equilibrium to all aspects–physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual–and so regain a better quality of life.

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See The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) website.

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