“Dr. Veronica Sauter is a Master at many healing modalities, and we (my daughters and I) have  experienced all of them on our healing journey since 1997. Her wisdom, love and compassion, not to mention  her many skills, have guided us through many storms: divorce, chaos and disease—to name a few.

We continue to integrate and heal through her wisdom, skills and guidance.

If you sense there is more to healing than traditional medicine, I recommend you consult Veronica to see if her intuitive guidance can assist you on your journey to wholeness.”

– HP (Allentown, PA)

I recently gave birth to my first child – a beautiful baby girl – and I feel blessed to have had the support of Veronica Sauter throughout my pregnancy. I had one long-distance session with her per pregnancy trimester and again the day I went into labor. Along with the general support Veronica provided, she also helped me with two specific situations:

During the sonogram in my third trimester I learned that my placenta was positioned low and, if it didn’t reposition itself, I would have to have a c-section. Veronica worked with my energy to encourage the correct positioning and sure enough, when I was re-checked – the placenta was in a better position and I was able to have a vaginal birth. 

The second situation occurred in the weeks before I gave birth – everything was progressing fine except that my baby was not lowering into the correct position for birth. Again, working with Veronica, we were able to encourage the correct positioning and at my check-up a few days before the birth, my baby was in position and ready to make her debut. 

I feel very lucky to be able to say that I had a wonderful pregnancy and birth – I remained very active during the pregnancy and experienced very minimal discomfort. The birth, itself was relatively “easy” – only a few hours of labor. On December 5th 2010, my husband and I welcomed our little angel, Maria Bella, into the world!”

– AP (Texas)

“Veronica has been instrumental in my healing. For many years I suffered from undiagnosed stomach issues.  After countless doctors, tests, poking, prodding and no answers, I was led to her practice.  Immediately, I knew I was on the right track to health.  She made lifestyle recommendations and practiced her hands-on healing techniques to relieve my pain and to lead me on the road to recovery.  I am happy to say that with her help I have been symptom-free for close to 5 years. 

 On a different note, I have been receiving treatments for hair regrowth.  I am very pleased with the results. The “before” and “after” pictures say it all: the difference is remarkable. 
I enjoy the comments from friends: ‘Have you done something different with your hair? You look younger.'”
 – RD (Philadelphia)

“Veronica Sauter has been my wellness/wellbeing professional of choice for over a decade. Her highly gifted Barbara Brennan energy work, in complement with her naturopath and nutritional expertise supported my physical, mental and emotional health through divorce, work stress and hereditary metabolic issues. Her assessments are spot on and have been verified by traditional medical follow-ups.

Beyond her extraordinary capacity to bring ‘whole being’ health to the individual, she has techniques that offer healthy outcomes in group situations (families, teams, project groups). Her support and perspective has provided me a unique and ultra-effective way to address complex intrapersonal dynamics within a group setting which significantly and visibly improved the outcome for everyone, but in a confidential manner.   Her distance work is top notch and the results are visible. In fact, we’ve been working at a distance since 2001. 

Anyone who chooses to work with Veronica will see an improvement in their health, their outlook and their life.”

 – Executive, New Jersey


“I have been going to Veronica Sauter for a few years now.  She has helped me tremendously with anxiety, fear, and my confidence.  I always leave my appointments with an open heart and a feeling of relief.” 

– Jane (Pennsylvania)

I have been working with Veronica Sauter for a few years now. She is a competent, caring individual who has helped me in my healing process on many occasions. Her knowledge in Energy Field Healing and Naturopathic  remedies go beyond the norm. I would gladly recommend her expertise to anyone interested in becoming  a vibrant healthy individual.

– DM (Pennsylvania)


Veronica Sauter was born to assist others with their healing. Every time I enter her space, I feel trust, love and compassion. These are the innate gifts that come with who she is. As a healer she is a channel of purpose while she patiently discovers the information necessary for creating balance in the body/mind experience. In addition to her healing touch, she recommends and provides top of the line products to encourage my body systems to run with efficiency. Upon witnessing the positive effects of Veronica’s healing touch in my life, seven family members have found their way to her office.
I am deeply grateful for her presence in my life and continue to recommend her to friends and family.
– LJ (Pennsylvania)

 “Veronica helped me when I had a difficult time in school.  She clearly told me the root of the issue, how she cleared it for me and made some practical suggestions as well.  I really liked working with her because nothing she did or said made me feel uncomfortable and, most of all, I felt completely better and stronger after the work was completed.”

– Teenager (New England)

“Veronica’s work has helped me so much throughout the years; I have been working with her for over 10 years.  What I really like about the work is not only the effect that it has on me but that it also impacts my family positively as well by healing the upsetting issues in me and in my family.  Because I am no longer in the area, she does her work on me long distance; it is so effective that I can literally feel a shift when the work is complete…before she even calls me to discuss it!  
Over the past year my executive position with a global organization had become more burdensome and troubling.  A few new opportunities had surfaced for me and I was looking to make a change but was very wary due to the economy and my financial responsibilities.  Veronica worked with the opportunities that had presented themselves to me to guide me toward the best opportunity and timing.  I made a career move based upon  her healing session and my life purpose and have not been happier with my professional life in a long time.  It has proved to be rewarding intellectually, personally and financially just as she had seen.  I am grateful for the work she did to prepare  and align me for this significant and positive change.” 
– Executive (New England)
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