Look around. Our world is changing: industrialization’s by-products and increased consumer waste render our surroundings more perilous than what our forefathers experienced even a mere hundred years ago.

The air we breathe, the water we drink and and the water in which we bathe can contain harmful chemical compounds. As careful as we might be in taking precautions, we could be ingesting these contaminants in our food supply, absorbing chlorine while showering, absorbing harsh chemicals in our cleaning products. Logically, we must be vigilant of our lifestyle and workplace. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine offers some resources for the public.

Man-made compounds are responsible for what is known as “body burden”; this is especially true for a percentage of the population whose genetic makeup is deficient in the ability to adequately eliminate such toxins.




Electromagnetic Pollution is another form of stress we experience from high-tension electrical lines and pervasive wireless frequencies.

Fortunately, accurate testing services are available to assess your “body burden” and the ability to detoxify effectively. Initial testing can provide a baseline; follow-up testing can evaluate if additional elimination is required.

If you suspect excessive exposure, contact us at (610) 275-3371. We will send you a test kit with instructions. Once the results are available, an in-person or telephone consultation will guide you through the appropriate means to rid yourself of those offending substances.


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