Healing through the Senses

Healing through the Senses 


For over twenty years, we have been utilizing sound, visible light, aromatherapy, aquaroms (hydrosols) and gemstones according to the system developed by biologist Dr. Dietrich Gümbel. His holistic model of healing — Cosmo-Therapy — or ‘Healing Through the Senses’ stems largely from his research in embryology, water and plants.

Our senses provide the keys to unifying two systems, in particular, to bridge our outer and our inner worlds. The study of the interaction between these worlds (Healing Through the Senses) interfaces with psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. The scientific field known as psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) follows an inter disciplinary approach, intertwining disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience, immunology, physiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, behavioral medicine, infectious diseases, endocrinology, rheumatology and others. The main interest of PNI is the interaction between the nervous and immune systems.

In Healing through the Senses our senses are the portals to the vast microcosm that pulsates within us in each of our cells.  This healing modality gently stimulates all five of our sensory organs, harmonizing us. This results in an experience of peace and calm, dissolving any stress.

Nothing is in the understanding, which was not first perceived by some of the senses.”

– attributed to English philosopher, John Locke (1632-1704).


This simple healing modality enlists your seven sensory organs to expand perception and heighten conscious awareness.

Dr. Gümbel’s Cosmo-Therapy treatment consists of a one-half hour session in which color, sound, light, aromatherapy (essential oils) and gemstones are used to harmonize the  five physical sensory organs; namely, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Once synchronized, you will most likely note a heightened sense of awareness — physically, emotionally, mentally. More importantly, Cosmo-Therapy can awaken what Dr. Gümbel identifies as the sixth and seventh sensory organs — the sense of Being and the sense of Heart.

Often, you can recall memories you had buried many years before; sometimes, those memories provide the key to unlocking emotion that had paralyzed you for years. Very often, you will see colors and/or shapes swirling or pulsating during your sessions here, or you might experience them afterwards. They signify that healing is taking place on the higher non-physical, or metaphysical planes. It can take about three days for the energy constructs’ effects to filter into the physical body. The end result is that your perception shifts, enabling change to begin.

A session begins when you spontaneously choose a color (see our page on Color Therapy) from a color decoder — a wheel of 13 colors. Each color corresponds to an essential oil and aquarom (a hydrosol or distillate of the essential oil), a musical note, and a gemstone. The entire schematic correlates with the traditional 7-chakra system, which coincides with the endocrine glands. Read a short description that describes a Cosmo-Therapy session.

The pioneering biologist clearly identifies the physiological effects each of the aforementioned items exerts on the senses. He offers brilliant insight into the embryology of the sensory organs and their development from skin cells. He outlines the correspondences between the layers of the skin, internal organs, and the spiritual meaning of each of the senses. His first book, Principles of Holistic Therapy with Herbal Essences, details the embryology.

Dr. Gümbel lives and teaches Cosmo-Therapy in Gunsbach, (Alsace) France in the childhood home of Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Dr. Gümbel’s books and CDs are available at our online store, or you can call us at (610) 275-3371 to order.

 The late Dr. Masaru Emoto enjoying a Cosmo Therapy session.

“This time, I got Cosmo Therapy instead of former incarnation reading. This Cosmo Therapy was established by Gümbel, who is German and as old as I. First, you are required to pick a color out of 13, following your intuition. I picked out pink. Then [I] selected [an] aroma oil and drinking oil (i.e., essential oil and aquarom) according to the color. I tried them and felt relaxed.

Next, you are wrapped up with a robe of the color you picked out. Then you are exposed to colored light and sound, holding a gemstone, lying down with your eyes closed.  In this way, your five senses are awakened and [your] six[th] sense will be developed. I can see indigo, purple, orange and white dancing against black in my closed eyes.

I regained my energy fully and overcame the fatigue due to the long trip. I recommend this therapy.”

Dr. Masaru Emoto (Japan) 2006

See the late Dr. Emoto’s website.


For information on Dr. Gümbel’s  “homeopathic plant care” see the Aromatic Plant Care page on his Cosmo Therapy website.

If you would like further information on U.S. seminars and training, call us at +1 (610) 275-3371.

For more information on his “School for the Senses” and trainings in Europe and Japan, email Dr. Gümbel  at info@sinnenwohl.de

or contact Dr. Dietrich Gümbel through his website.


“Many people are dreaming of making music themselves, even though they have never played an instrument before. Cosmo Music is a new kind of music which allows anyone to play freely, creatively and spontaneously depending on the way one feels. Cosmo Music encourages creativity when playing something original—something which was never played by anyone else before. So making music this way is combining composition and play.”

… excerpt from Cosmomusic (2011) by Dietrich Gümbel, Ph.D.info@


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