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Brennan Healing Science — A Comprehensive Approach to Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness

Brennan Healing Science demands four years of extensive study of human anatomy and physiology, personal process work, skills mastery in numerous healing techniques, and commitment to a life purpose of helping others. Brennan Healing Science offers an intricate and integrative approach to assessing the condition of the Human Energy Field.



Hands-on healing is gentle — yet powerful.  Using high sense perception as described by Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan, it is possible to detect disturbances or energetic blockages in the subtle energy field.  If you have ever felt out of sorts — just not like yourself — or, if your relationship with your spouse, children, parents, siblings, friends or colleagues do not seem to be working, energy analysis can provide crucial keys to becoming aware of unhealthy patterns which might be causing conflict.  So bringing them to conscious awareness can help you to release destructive thoughts, feelings and energy patterns to facilitate true healing.


Chakras and their meaning 

Brennan Healing Science – Human Energy Field illustrating the standard 7-chakra system

(other systems note additional energy centers.)

You can see the locations of each of the 7 major chakras down the middle of the torso.

The word “chakra” derives from the Sanskrit language and means “wheel of light.”

7. Chakra Seven – Crown Chakra – Violet

Function: Spiritual connection, consciousness, awareness

Location: top of head

Endocrine gland: Pituitary gland

6. Chakra Six – Third Eye or Brow Chakra – Indigo

Function: Ability to “see” the intrinsic meaning of issues and life.  Intuition.

Location: middle of forehead

Endocrine gland: Pineal gland

5. Chakra Five – Throat Chakra – Blue

Function: speaking your truth

Location: throat

Endocrine gland: Thyroid gland

4. Chakra Four – Heart Chakra – Green

Function: Love. Regulates masculine and feminine principles. Integrates opposites.

Location: near the level of the physical heart in the center of the body.

Endocrine gland: Thymus gland

3. Chakra Three – Solar Plexus – Yellow

Function: known as the feeling center, it is intricately connected with our emotions.

Location: above the navel at the solar plexus

Endocrine gland: Adrenal glands

2. Chakra Two – Sexual Chakra – Orange

Function: regulates sexual function

Location: below the navel

Endocrine gland: Adrenal glands

1. Chakra One – Root Chakra – Red

Function: physical and financial survival

Location: at the tailbone

Endocrine gland: Ovaries (females)  Testes (males)

Not only are there chakras that are associated with physiological and psychological functions, the subtle energy body consists of seven layers which envelop the entire physical body.  Someone trained in high sense perception can distinguish the shifts from one layer to the next, for example to detect a specific emotional upset. As we perceive the distance further away from the physical body, each layer vibrates to increasingly higher frequencies.

First, our thoughts and attitudes affect not only the chakra system, but our entire energy field. For example, a healthy, self-confident outlook on our ability to take care of ourselves both physically and financially allows the first chakra to function well.  It is like an intake valve for the rest of our energy centers.  If someone doubts their ability to survive and thrive in the physical world, they might experience fatigue.

Trauma — physical, emotional or mental — can distort proper energy flow; severe harm can occur when someone is involved in an abusive relationship, undergoes a devastating life event (like those who experienced war, an accident or a natural disaster like Hurricane Katrina). Some unseen effects of trauma can persist for long periods of time even after therapies are finished because the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects have not been cleared or resolved. Much like traditional surgery can repair a torn ligament or broken bone, Energy Medicine can restore health to a damaged chakra, thus affecting the associated organ or organ system.  A principle of physics known as “harmonic induction” explains how this works.

For example

A classic example is how when clocks are placed in close proximity to each other, they begin to synchronize.  It is often told that menstruating girls co-habiting a dormitory soon begin to share very similar menstrual calendars. And who could forget Dr. Manfred Clynes, the world-renowned “super conductor”  whose ability to induce an orchestra’s harmonious resonance could bring entire audiences to tears? His music touched that deep emotional chord in their hearts.  This, indeed, suggests that the human heart resonates and could be considered a super-sensory organ.

The goal of healing is to rebalance all of the levels and layers of the human bio-energetic field to maintain harmony and health: in the physical body, that means homeostasis, or the proper functioning of all body organs and organ systems.  Analogous to a branch of CAM called Functional Medicine, you could classify Full Spectrum’s comprehensive bio-energetic philosophy and natural approach as Functional Energy Medicine.

Medications can bring the body into a state of balance by treating symptoms.  If you have taken or continue to take synthetic medications to suppress symptoms, the underlying issue could be driven even deeper into the body’s organs and tissues; such cases might require detoxification at the physical level.

Art and Skill

There is an art and skill to know when to apply each to achieve the optimal effect: this varies from one person to another.  We utilize high sense perception, dowsing, as well as computer programs and sensors with precision to ascertain blockages in the energy field.  As follow-up, periodic assessment is a good way to maintain a healthy subtle energy anatomy, greater vitality, and being able to address potential health risks before they may manifest as disease in the physical body. To learn more about Brennan Science training, see the school’s website.

If there is poor nutrition, excess stress, toxins or negative emotions, the body’s healthy oscillations become imbalanced or weak.  A body that is vibrating at a low frequency cannot easily deal with viruses, bacteria, toxic chemicals and heavy metals that are present.  Not only do toxins endanger the body, they become energetic stressors.  So common is toxicity in our environment today, few can escape its effects.  Anxiety, emotional factors and stress further compromise our ability to excrete and deal with toxins. Read more about Functional Medicine and specific non-invasive testing than can identify detoxification pathway defects and environmental toxins.

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