Hands-on Healing

Hands-on Healing

Hands-on Healing has been practiced by cultures around the world for millennia. It is a form of Vibrational Medicine establishes a paradigm for assessing disease and degenerative processes. In contrast, Allopathic Medicine bases its views of the human body in traditional biology, as an aggregate of different kinds of cells.

But what if the body were really a liquid crystal under tension, capable of vibrating and resonating at varying frequencies? This is the new paradigm that researcher James L. Oschman, Ph.D. sets forth in Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis. Elsevier, 2000.

Imagine that you are made up of interconnected filaments–filaments that for thousands of years Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has defined and outlined as the meridian system. Chi, or vital life force energy, travels along these invisible roadways, and modern research proposes that the vital “traffic” consists of light particles and is electromagnetic. These vibrational medicine transit systems carry trillions of neurochemical messages as they travel to orchestrate our physical, emotional and mental body. When human touch or specialized microcurrent is applied to the skin, receptors begin their awesome messenger service to every one of our cells.


Human Energy Field Aura
Human Energy Field Aura

The Human Energy Field from Hands of Light: A Guide to Haling Through the Human Energy Field Fig 22-20.

7 chakras superimposed on the areas of major glands and organs. Also note the egg-shaped aura surrounding the figure. In reality, there are 7 layers of the oval-shaped aura; each one governs an aspect of physical, emotional, mental or spiritual wellbeing. See the recommendations for further study listed below in the Recommended Reading section for hands-on healing.

Within the scope of Hands-on Healing and Vibrational Medicine are a full spectrum of modalities which address the subtle energy field. This multi-layered field, also known as the human energy field, is often referred to as the aura. It is easily visible with clairvoyant sight and reveals another higher and greater dimension of our being. Knowing how to properly read this colorful field surrounding our physical body can clarify the true cause of discomfort or pain to accelerate the healing process; sometimes it uncovers hidden and potential issues long before they might become problems. You could call this a “preventative perspective.”

Hands-on Healing
Hands-on Healing

Because the human energy field oscillates, it is as if each and every cell itself acts like a sensory organ. Their very interconnectedness amplifies cellular ability to sense frequencies. Perhaps this is why a subtle “charge” — whether it be a frequency emitted from a practitioner’s hands, color, light, sound, a flower essence, a homeopathic remedy — exerts a high response rate proportionate to the stimulus. Physics dictates that we study the science of healing; human nature requires that we learn the skill and the art of hands-on healing.

Imagine yourself as oscillating waves of sound and light. When waveforms become unsynchronized and persist for long periods of time, disease processes can take hold.

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