Environmental Health

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Environmental health hazards include exposure to hazardous substances, and chemicals in the air, soil, food,  technological disasters, climate change.  Today’s great health challenge is electromagnetic pollution.

Clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food and safe places to live.

Massey University New Zealand Determinants of health and well-being
Massey University New Zealand Determinants of health and well-being

Many aspects of the environment can affect our health. Environmental hazards can increase the risk of disease, including cancer, heart disease and asthma [2].

Table 1 gives examples of how different aspects of the environment can affect our health.

Table 1: Environmental exposures and related human health effects

Environmental Health Indicators of New Zealand

Environmental exposure Examples of health effects
Outdoor air pollution Respiratory conditions, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer
Unsafe drinking water Diarrhoeal (gastrointestinal) illnesses
Contaminated recreational water Diarrhoeal (gastrointestinal) illnesses; eye, ear, nose and throat infections
Mosquitoes, ticks and other vectors Malaria, dengue fever, Rickettsial disease
UV (ultraviolet light) exposure Too much: melanoma, non-melanoma skin cancer, eye cataracts

Too little: vitamin D deficiency, leading to rickets, osteoporosis and osteomalacia

Second-hand smoke exposure In infants: low birthweight, sudden unexpected death in infancy (SUDI)

In children: asthma, lower respiratory infections, middle ear infections

In adults: ischaemic heart disease, stroke, lung cancer

Household crowding Infectious diseases, including lower respiratory infections
Cold and damp housing Excess mortality
Climate change Infectious diseases, including giardiasis, cryptosporidiosis and salmonellosis; heat stroke
Hazardous substances Poisoning, burns, dermatitis
Lead In children: developmental delays, behavioural problems

In adults: increased blood pressure

Asbestos Breathing difficulties, lung cancer, mesothelioma
Noise Hearing loss, cardiovascular problems, insomnia, psychophysiological problems

See American Public Health Association‘s definition of Environmental Health.

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