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Evidence-based lifestyle and nutritional therapies will transform the practice of medicine, and we are dedicated to creating innovative clinical models and nutritional
solutions to that end. The evidence supporting the use of nutraceutical ingredients is multifaceted. Whether it is
years of traditional use, observations in clinical settings, genomic and epigenetic studies, or well-controlled human clinical trials, our research team has the expertise
to assess a wide range of data, allowing us to choose ingredients with precision.

Raw Material Superiority

Knowing the source, extraction methods, and manufacturing processes of each ingredient is the first step in producing efficacious products. We have a long history in this industry, and have cultivated relationships
with reputable raw material vendors. The raw material chosen for our products is selected to match what is proven effective in clinical trials. Our products are guaranteed by the trust built with our vendors. Simply stated, we do not use inferior raw materials. Ever.
Therapeutic Potency
Even if a formula includes evidence-based ingredients in a superior form, it will not work if the dosages are inadequate. We always include the precise therapeutic potency of each ingredient, based on established research. Each formula includes only the therapeutic amount of ingredients and no additives, allowing for fewer capsules per serving and enhanced patient compliance.

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