Hormone Testing

Hormones are regulatory substances produced in the endocrine glands.

One of the most disruptive factors in hormonal balance is stress.

We are inundated with endocrine-disrupting chemicals: food preservatives, plasticizers from bottled water to name a few.

cortisol – the stress hormone

insulin – glucose control

estrogen – mood, PMS

testosterone – muscle strength and heart health

Hormones regulate our digestion, metabolism, growth, reproduction, and mood. Once one hormone is out of balance, others will follow.

For an overview of the body’s hormone arsenal, see https://www.pituitary.org.uk/information/hormones/

If you are feeling out-of-balance, are experiencing mood swings, anxiety, irregular cycles, restless sleep, fatigue, brain fog, hormone testing can provide the explanation. We can help to identify the causative factors and offer solutions to begin to reset your hormonal balance.

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