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The Creation of Byron White Formulas™

The creation of Byron White Formulas™ began as seeking a means to produce the herbal formulas that had been created and successfully utilized in Byron’s and other practitioners clinics. Byron wanted to avoid the drawbacks he discovered in some commercial manufacturing processes. He discovered that  the common practice of commercial processing could expose the formulas to the possibility of petro-chemical contamination(s) and heavy metal toxicity. He decided to create a manufacturing company that would meet his standards of a non-toxic and non-chemical environment that would be capable of producing the formulas properly. Byron White set up his own private manufacturing company that is designed to produce the same high quality, non-toxic formulas used in his clinics for years. He personally oversees all the production at Byron White Formulas, Inc. His main focus is to support practitioners in the utilization of these quality formulas to help their patients along their path to health and wellness.

BYRON WHITE FORMULAS are available only to our patients.

To schedule a consultation, email us at info@fullspectrumenergymedicine.com

or call (610) 275-3371

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