Long-Distance Healing

Long-Distance Healing

Long-distance healing occurs outside of time and space—just as miracles do. Absentee healing works as does prayer. When you pray for someone who is sick or needs help, it is not necessary to be physically present. Focused attention and clear intention provide the keys to deep healing.

If you have ever uttered a prayer and realized that your prayer was answered, you do not doubt the efficacy of long-distance sessions.

“The quantum frequencies that make up thought are an energy that is not sensitive to time and space. – Once we have an intention,  it can affect our future or our past.” Lynne McTaggart Living the Field.

Currently, scientists are conducting a worldwide experiment using water as the medium. Dr. Masaru Emoto brought to light the profound effects that words spoken into water have on the liquid’s molecular structure. Simply affixing a piece of paper with the word “peace” written on it re-organizes the container’s water into a coherent pattern. You can see the beautiful depictions in Dr. Emoto’s book, “Messages from Water.” Also by Dr. Emoto: “The Secret Life of Water,” “The True Power of Water: Healing and Discovering Ourselves” and “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Many years ago, during one of the early absentee healing sessions I was asked to provide, I recall smelling a burning cigarette. Since I was alone in the room, I knew no one could have been smoking. Then I realized that the woman who had requested the session was a smoker. I proceeded with the healing work, and when we spoke via telephone immediately following the session as agreed beforehand, I asked her if she had lit a cigarette when we were beginning the session as scheduled. She confirmed that she had one cigarette at the exact time we were starting!

So, here is proof that even the sense of smell can transcend space and time!


Call us from home, from the office, or the grocery store to schedule your long-distance healing session.

  1. You can contact us via telephone to schedule a brief initial conversation. We will then send you either via email or postal mail several intake forms and a consent form to complete.
  2. Return the forms either via mail, fax, or scanned and emailed prior to your telephone or SKYPE (for international clients) intake interview. At that time, we will review the forms together, identify the issue(s) at hand, and prioritize sequencing of our approach.
  3. Once the long-distance healing session is complete, we will call you to discuss findings. We will then offer insight and an energetic perspective into the possible causative factors; then, we will make specific recommendations for your healing path.

Follow-up sessions are recommended and are always optional.


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