CoRe Informational Medicine

CoRe Informational Medicine taps into a vast database, then analyzes and calculates the probable cause of the symptom presented. Computer technology coupled with observation, client history, past and recent circumstances can provide answers to perplexing questions and offer an eye-opening perspective to uncover possible and/or hidden causes of disease, such as decayed teeth or geopathic stress.

This is why we say that that it is like listening to the heartbeat of your Subtle Energy Body.  The system falls in the realm of biofeedback.


CoRe Informational Medicine System
CoRe Informational Medicine System


The CoRe Inergetix System is the fruit of decades of research on the quantum physics of healing. CoRe is an acronym for Coincidence Recognition—a branch of scientific research studied rigorously at Princeton University. The PEAR (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research) Study summary specifically regarding the CoRe Inergetix System is available online if you are so inclined to deeper exploration. Esoteric teachings and scientific data merge to offer what might be considered the very best of informational medicine analytics and delivery available today.

Subtle Energy Field Analysis — Think of it as “Meta-Anatomy.” Meta-biology, Meta-physiology and Meta-biochemistry

The Inergetix CoRe System is the easiest and the most efficient informational and energy biofeedback system available. It includes a software program and hardware devices to evaluate a client’s current emotional, mental, physical and energetic status and then it has the capabilities to balance the client from a multidimensional point of view. The very fast and advanced analysis gets at the core of the issue allowing the client to immediately receive a treatment through specific information broadcasting and frequencies broadcasting of sound, electromagnetism, light and color using the various hardware devices.

The system includes a database of over 40,000 remedies and 2,000 body structures. Analysis results display percentages of wellbeing indicators as well as energetic, emotional, toxicity, biochemical, and metaphysical stressors for the person assessed; you can also view the data in graph format for easy comprehension. The CoRe system displays a “report card”–so to speak–of your energy field. The Inergetix system offers a technology that uses information and energy based on the fundamental principles of quantum physics to improve one’s health and well-being on all levels.

While it is necessary to nourish the physical body, in some cases we might enhance the benefits of supplementation to achieve faster results for less effort and monetary output than previously possible. CoRe sorts information about thousands of supplements and therapies and lists those that would be most likely to benefit you in their order of expected efficacy. Color, light and sound, acupuncture, affirmations, homeopathic remedies, among others, can be delivered in person or placed in a remedy tray and broadcast at a distance. Its ultra-sensitive analytics can even work on pets.

The philosophy central to informational medicine is that small doses for less time can accomplish more than large doses for any length of time. Remember, information is not limited by time or space; we address the finer, subtle energy field instead of the denser, physical one.


Inergetix Energy Body Molecule
Inergetix Energy Body Molecule

Specific frequencies are transmitted during your session, and can be programmed for broadcast later and for repeated delivery if desired. An imprint tray and unit are used to customize homeopathic remedies to any potency: they are imprinted into a vial of water, or onto a holographic bracelet for longer-term use. More fascinating applications are forthcoming in future newsletters/e-zines.

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Because sometimes we are lacking a frequency on the subtle energy plane only, we do not necessarily need to ingest the supplement physically to replenish it. (All of us have spent a lot of time, effort and money at one time or another by taking supplements that have done little or nothing for us.)

Once you experience an initial CoRe Informational Medicine session, you can schedule 3 weeks later for another CoRe analysis; this does not interfere with other healing modalities.  Long-distance treatment in the form of broadcasting frequencies also works well.

A session generally takes 1½ hours.

“If you want to understand the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

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