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Comprehensive Cleansing Program with Biocidin LSF


Comprehensive Cleansing Program with Biocidin LSF

2 Biocdin,, 2 Proflora, 4R 30 caps, 3 Olivirex , 2 Proflora, 4R 30 caps, 3 Olivirex Biocidin LSF

Comprehensive Cleansing Program with Biocidin LSF

2 Biocdin, 2 Proflora, 4R 30 caps, 3 Olivirex, 2 Proflora, 4R 30 caps, 3 Olivirex CCLSF

Conveniently packaged two-month supply of five products 12-item kit includes FREE Dentalcidin Toothpaste


For an introduction to the Biocidin® product line or for those seeking a complete microbial reset, the carefully curated Comprehensive Cleansing Program is an excellent choice.* It includes a two-month supply of five products, including our signature Biocidin® botanical blend.

The support formulas included in the program are designed to complement the broad-spectrum activities of Biocidin and include adaptogenic herbs to help address vitality.* As a bonus, we include our Dentalcidin Toothpaste. This product supports microbial balance in the oral cavity, which is intrinsically linked to GI health.*

  • Biocidin® (2 bottles) – Broad-spectrum formula reestablishes microbial balance in the GI tract*
  • G.I. Detox(3 bottles) – Binds the toxins in the gut excreted in the bile and sequesters the lipopolysaccharides (LPS) released by dysbiotic organisms in the GI tract*
  • Proflora®4R (2 bottles) – Spore-based probiotic helps reestablish innate, healthy microorganism balance in the gut; contains nutrients that assist in soothing the gut lining*
  • Olivirex® (3 bottles) – Olive leaf extract with a synergistic blend of botanicals for an added layer of microbiome support.*
  • Biotonic (1 bottle) – Tonifying formula that supports digestion, immunity, stress response, and Qi.*

Free Dentalcidin Toothpaste (1 tube)  – Contains Biocidin® botanical blend which has been shown to remove biofilms (plaque)*

Comprehensive Cleansing Program Benefits

  • Support for longstanding microbial imbalances*
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response*
  • Healthy digestion and elimination*
  • Enhances mental clarity*
  • Boosts vitality and energy levels*
  • Supports balanced moods*
  • Reduces bloating and supports weight reduction*

Comprehensive Cleansing Program Features

  • Professional-grade ingredients
  • Laboratory tested and clinically researched
  • Convenient 60-day supply of all five products
  • Cost-effective at 15% savings over individually priced products

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in

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