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Use Demyc External Drops – Pekana homeopathic remedy for the treatment of hair, skin and nail fungus.


Demyc External Drops – Pekana homeopathic remedy for treatment of hair, skin and nail fungus. For treatment of hair, skin and nail fungus.*

DEMYC topical drops combine proven homeopathic and spagyric substances known for their strong disinfectant and healing capabilities, providing a biological therapy that acts as a fungicide and restores the skin.*

Depending on the type of mycotic infection (hair, skin or nail), use of DEMYC topical drops should be accompanied by a combination of OPSONAT, HABIFAC and TOXEX because mycotic pathogens often will exploit weaknesses on the mucous membranes.*


Ranunculus bulbosus – 5X – itching, inhibits mycotic development
Staphysagria – 3X – itching and pain
Anagallis arvensis – 1X – stimulates wound purification
Calendula officinalis† 1X – wound healing
Piper methysticum – 1X – local anesthetic, trichophytosis
Salvia officinalis – 1X – disinfectant, skin tonic
Anhydrous glycerin

In general, fungal infections occur when a dysfunction in the milieu arises, or when the skin suffers an injury that allows an infestation. Ranunculus bulbosus 5X inhibits the development and reproduction of mycotic forms, and also treats burning and itching that frequently accompanies mycotic infections.

Staphysagria 3X addresses the pain and itching that often accompany mycotic infections.

Anagallis arvensis 1X has the unique ability to purify and help dry out wounds.† It also softens the hard edges of wounds to beneficially aid the healing process.

Calendula officinalis 1X is one of the best wound healing herbs available. It addresses accompanying pain and pus, and reliably supports the wound healing process.

Piper methysticum 1X is an important ingredient because of its analgesic and local anesthetic properties. This substance also works as an anti-mycotic against hair-skin-nail fungal infections (trichophyti).

Salvia officinalis 1X is a proven classical herb well-known for its high efficacy. It contains the substance thymol, which is one of the best disinfecting and anti-inflammatory substances in the treatment of wounds. It is included in this remedy to guarantee a reliable and clean healing of the mycotic burden.


Apply topically to infected area several times per day

apo-HEPAT drops – liver function
HABIFAC drops – inherited weakness
DALEKTRO N drops – enzyme stimulation
MUNDIPUR drops – tissue detoxification
TOXEX drops – systemic detoxification

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