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Temporary relief of indigestion symptoms such as: drowsiness, nausea, constipation.

Digest 30 ml (1 fl oz.) 30118

Active ingredients & Purposes:

Abrotanum 1X_____Intestinal Activity Support

Amylase pancreatic 2X_____Digestive Enzyme

Angelica archangelica 1X_____Difficulty Digesting due to Stress

Anisum 1X_____Antiflatulance

Ascorbic acid 2X_____Metabolic Support

Colocynthis 3X, 10X, 30X, 200X_____Nervous Irritation

Diencephalon 3X, 6X, 12X_____Regulates Digestive Activity

Duodenum 6X, 8X, 12X_____Bowel Activity Support

Gall bladder 6X, 8X, 12X_____Helps Bile Release

Gentiana lutea 1X_____Digestive Disorders

Hepar 6X, 8X, 12X_____Helps Digestive Activity

Lipase enzyme 2X_____Digestive Enzyme

Melatonin 4C_____Hormonal Control

Niacin 2X_____Metabolic Support

Nux vomica 3X, 10X, 15X, 30X, 200X, 1000X_____Digestive Disorders

Pancreas 6X, 8X, 12X_____Helps Digestive Enzymes Secretion

Pylorus 6X, 8X, 12X_____Functional Digestive Support

Serotonin 6X_____Hormonal Support

Thiaminum hydrochloricum 4X_____Metabolic Support

Trypsin 2X_____Digestive Enzyme

Tryptophan 6X_____Hormonal Support


Weight 4 oz

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