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Mycosurge Liposome


Provides immune support. 12-mushroom liposome concentrate.

Mycosurge Liposome – 59 ml 2 oz. (MYC)

Mycosurge Liposome provides immune support.   For more information, please contact Customer Service. Call (610) 275-3371.

Formulation Unrivaled Ingredient Profile: No other single product offers twelve of the world’s most highly prized medicinal mushrooms. They have been carefully selected in order to provide the consumer with the most effective immune system boosting and adaptogenic efficacy possible. Prized by physicians and herbalists, they have a long history of proven effectiveness.



All the mushrooms in MycoSurge are organically grown on substrata (substrate) of organic brown rice to ensure a maximum yield of polysaccharides. They are grown in a carefully monitored yeast-free environment.


The mushrooms grown for MycoSurge are harvested at the peak of their life cycle. They are harvested at the height of their vitality when all parts are fully mature.


Our cold extraction process is the only facility of its kind in the world. It uses no heat, which can destroy polysaccharides. The process thoroughly extracts and concentrates constituents in natural ratio from all parts of the mushroom.

Ingredient Medium:

MycoSurge is completely free of alcohol and solvents which could compromise ingredient integrity. Our process yields a nearly sterile (clean) product.

Delivery System:

MycoSurge uses the revolutionary liposome spray system. MycoSurge directly enters the bloodstream through the mucous membranes of the mouth and is quickly delivered to the heart and thereafter distributed throughout the body via the bloodstream. The gastrointestinal tract is bypassed.

Immune boost, viral infections ………….. MYCOSURGE – 12 Mushroom Liposome Drops,
30 drops under the tongue three times daily
MALONGAY – 1 capsule three times daily
COLOSTRUM – 3 capsules twice daily

MYCOSURGE – Medicinal mushrooms in liposome for direct assimilation. May
assist in myelin sheath repair and immune function support.

It has been confirmed repeatedly in human and animal studies that key constituents are powerful immune system stimulants. They energize the body’s natural defense mechanisms to help prevent the onset of common ailments, such as colds and influenza, as well as a range of more serious illnesses. The most potent immune energizing mushrooms also usually inhibit tumor growth – directly through cytocidal action and indirectly through their immunostimulation properties.

A wide range of mushrooms also exhibit antibacterial and antitoxin activities to fortify the liver and kidneys.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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