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Senolytic Px 15 caps


Memory, Mood & Stress
An aging brain health formula to support healthy nerve growth factor (within normal range), optimal brain cell health, cognitive function, and emotional wellness during the senior years reducing age related stress.
Mitochondrial Metabolism & Neuroprotection
This neuroprotective formula promotes optimal mitochondrial function, neuronal cellular energy production and healthy circulation. Senescence Px targets healthy senescent cell function and boosts the clearing out of damaged senescent cells from the neurological system.
Immune Support
As the aging immune system becomes less efficient it allows senescent cells to accumulate contributing to neuro-inflammation.

Senolytic Px 15 caps  RF-1222-U

Senolytic Px supports healthy neuronal cells, cognitive function, and mitochondrial function, within normal range, during the senior years. This formula is also an excellent addition to the therapeutic plan for seniors challenged with frailty, age-related decline of metabolic and neurological functions and the aging immune system.


Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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