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What is a subtle energy assessment?

  • What can I expect during a hands-on healing session?
  • What should I do after my session?
  • How often should I schedule?

Just as your physician asks you questions about physical symptoms, an  energy therapist might use tools such as a dowsing rod, a pendulum, high sense perception, or computerized biofeedback devices. Results can be recorded and compared with future findings to track your progress.

Assessing your bioenergetic field is much like a physical examination, but takes into consideration dozens of more subtle signs. A subtle energy evaluation also includes observation of your body structure, posture, body language, facial symmetry, skin tone and texture, expression which includes voice tone, choice of words, mannerisms — the way you present yourself.

After discussing your family and health history, (completed forms submitted before your initial appointment), we will use simple radionic devices like a dowsing rod and pendulum to quickly assess and then record your general energy pattern and vitality level.

Once you remove your shoes and lay down on a massage table, colored light (your color choice) will be illuminated over your face to activate higher vibrational frequencies in your subtle energy field; these light waves work on the photoreceptors in the skin.

When an energy therapist touches you, two subtle energy bodies (yours and the therapist’s) merge. Normally, these interactions are visible only with clairvoyant sight or are detectable with high sense perception. Most people are able perceive subtle changes brought about by the practitioner’s and your own intentionality for healing. Primarily you feel a sense of deep relaxation, calm and inner peace. The process can be likened to a state of induced meditation.

Most people feel warmth emanating from the healer’s hands. Other physical sensations include coolness: it is not uncommon to feel cold for about 4-5 hours following a session because of the energetic effect on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling body temperature. The stomach often makes sounds due to subtle energy movement. Your sensory perception becomes much more acute during a session, and it is possible that the heightened physical awareness becomes more routine.

Sometimes a memory of a traumatic event flashes before your eyes, or there could be an inner uneasiness. Feelings of sadness can surface. You might even re-experience a split second of pain (retracing) as the energetic memory “cyst” explodes, freeing you of the trauma. You might also recall happier moments in the past. Whatever feelings arise, they present themselves for clearing or recognition. The end result is a higher level of self-awareness, which allows you to raise your vibratory rate, critical to healing and wellbeing.

Be gentle with yourself the evening of your session. You might want to avoid loud noises, boisterous crowds, and surely you would not go to see a violent movie anyway. A good practice following a healing is to soak in a tub of warm water with 1 lb. each of baking soda and sea salt. The mixture will pull “loosened” undesirable energy patterns away from your energy field. Rinse with clear, warm water, then wrap up and go to sleep. You might sleep for 10-12 hours. This is normal.

During a subtle energy healing session, it is quite possible that you will feel currents of energy flowing along the meridian lines of your body.

You are never under any obligation to return for more sessions. However, those who are committed to wellness are concerned with more than only physical issues, so Subtle Energy Medicine assists in enriching the process of self-discovery. Once you reach higher levels of awareness about your entire being, your vibration raises and often the problems faced in the past dissolve. Many people who pursue this type of healing do not get sick as often as they did in the past, and if they do “catch a cold” the symptoms are minor and they recover more quickly than before.

If you are just beginning on a healing journey, three or four sessions scheduled within 1-2 months sets you on a reasonable pace. Acute physical, emotional and/or mental conditions might require weekly sessions. Once a situation is resolved, good maintenance can be maintained with monthly sessions. Subtle Energy Medicine works synergistically with other alternative modalities as well as with traditional mainstream medicine.

If you pursue other CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) healing approaches like acupuncture, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), chiropractic, massage therapy for stress reduction, psychotherapy, practice emotional clearing, martial arts, and already eat well or have learned the sound principles of whole foods nutrition, a subtle energy session every three months (with each change of season) enhances your efforts.

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