Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation


An initial consultation consists of a thorough review of comprehensive  intake forms, questionnaires, and dialogue. We conduct an energy field analysis and then review our findings.  You can choose to implement the recommendations or we can discuss alternative options. We always seek to uncover the root cause of why are feeling the way you do. Is it physical, emotional,  or mental? Consider our complete services menu.


What to expect:

Telephone intake:

When you call us, we will ask you about how you are feeling, how long have you had any symptoms and what health and wellness goals you would like to achieve.

In-person intake:

Prior to your initial consultation, you will complete some detailed forms to identify health issues and family history. We ask you to return those completed forms before your visit.

After discussing your family and health history, (completed forms submitted before your initial appointment), we will use simple radionic devices like a dowsing rod and pendulum to quickly assess your vitality. We then record your general energy pattern and energy level. Assessing your bioenergetic field is much like a physical examination, but takes into consideration dozens of more subtle signs. A subtle energy evaluation also includes observation of your body structure, posture, body language, facial symmetry, skin tone and texture, expression which includes voice tone, choice of words, mannerisms — the way you present yourself. We review your diet and lifestyle, dental health, sleep hygiene, and environmental factors (technology usage, electromagnetic exposure), sensitivity to physical stimuli such as light, sound/noise, touch, and smells.

We will ask you about any major life events which have impacted you, both in a positive and negative way. Then, we will make a comprehensive analysis and present an achievable healing approach which best suits your goals and your individual lifestyle. You will have access to naturopathic, homeopathic, functional and energy medicine tools. Energy work forms a valuable healing tool in addition to the aforementioned modalities.

Before scheduling  an in-person appointment, e will question you about COVID-19 symptoms.  And to enter the office everyone must wear a mask and present with normal temperature reading.

Can be conducted via telephone or in person. Call (610) 275-3371 to schedule.

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